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Besides providing overall automation services, Quad Plus is also reliable supplier for industry`s panel design and supply, globally.
Quad Plus offers assistance in the following areas:
     Panel design
     Panel building
Panels supplied can be from a simple/ small panel to complex MCCs, stainless steel enclosures, E- Houses, and similar.  CE markings and UL are only samples of the certifications that can be offered.Quad Plus Ltd. offers panel manufacturing / supply services to its customers worldwide. Many OEMs and end-users prefer to work with us and enjoy the benefits and convenience of working with a single supplier, who understands customer needs.
Quad Plus can;
Design Customer`s cabinet, controls, circuitry and how it should integrate into Customer equipment and system.
Supply cabinets to Customer specifications.
Purchase and assemble components on Customer panel; cabling, fuses, drives, PLCs, switches, PC boards and motors. Quad Plus can test and make sure the panel assembly will work in Customer`s system, before it ships.
On-site assistance is also offered to assist in installation, start up, if needed.
Some examples of panel systems;