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Quad Plus is a reliable industrial automation/ system integration company, specializing in the following fields:
    Project Management
    Machine and Production Line Automation
    PLC & HMI Control
    Motor & Drive Control
    Process Control
    Numeric & Robotic & Motion Control
"Quad Plus works with its Customers in the initial design stages to understand and determine customer needs and to insure that all  requirements are met accurately, and the project is completed to customer satisfaction.  Diligent preliminary analysis combined with the industry knowledge helps to avoid unnecessary delays and re-work."
Project Management
Total account responsibility is critical to the success of any project. To insure this, a project manager is assigned to the project immediately upon receipt of an opportunity. A meaningful plan and schedule is developed to insure that there is coordination within Quad Plus organization and with its suppliers to meet the project requirements. From preliminary analysis of the specification to fine-tuning the end process solution, everyone in the organization takes responsibility and ownership into each and every step
Application / Process know-how:
Quad Plus engineering staff has been working on several applications and has obtained set of skills and experiences required in performing above average results.  Process, PLC, drives, HMI/SCADA and network specialists work together to provide a system that performs smoothly from commissioning through maintenance.
System design / Design for commissioning approach:
Quad Plus will not invent or engineer a solution for Customer`s application at-site. Quad Plus up-front efforts allow understanding every aspect of Customer application before system design starts. Since every system is thoroughly tested prior to shipment, all process parameters are reviewed. Additionally, Quad Plus works onsite to with Customer`s personnel to provide valuable engineering feedback for  future designs.
Industrial network management:
Quad Plus expertise ranges from the simple panel-based products with standard operator devices to sophisticated HMI supervisory systems control and PLC networking. Quad Plus systems include features like setpoint control and display, automated configurations, recipe management, centralized intelligent alarm handling, data acquisition (DAQ), and statistical process control (SPC). Quad Plus systems approach is successful because we provide the control and management choices that best fit Customer`s particular needs, not any single vendor`s. Quad Plus is committed to the Open Control Systems (OCS) methodology and, wherever possible, Quad Plus designs to open interface standards preventing Customers from getting locked into the particular migration path of a "single-source".
Some examples of automation projects;