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Quad Plus serves following industries globally:
Plastics/ Rubber/ Tire industries:   Cement, Fertilizer And Roofing Industries:
Automotive Tire Lines
RH Rubber Lines 
Calender Lines 
Sheet Extrusion Lines
Plastic Extrusion Lines
TPO Roofing Lines
Non Woven Textile Lines
Cable Lines
High Speed Laminator Lines
Sheet Slitters
Mill Drives, PLC systems
Kiln controls and equipment
Material handling controls and electrical solutions
Pyroprocessing, cooling, filtering application controls
Mod-Bit Lines
Shingle Lines
Shingle Cuttters
Shingle Catchers/Stackers
Shingle Palletizers
Roofing Winders
Steel and Metals:   Automotive:
Steel Slitter Lines
Cut-to-Length Lines
Hot Rolling Mills
Cold Rolling Mills
Tension Leveler Lines
Pickling Lines 
Paint Lines
Tube Mill Lines
Rotary Shear Applications
Robotic Applications
CNC Applications
Line Automation
Camera and Vision Systems
Scada and Data Collection Systems
Pulp And Paper    
High Speed Paper Lines
Corrugated Paper Lines
Cut-to-Length Lines
Robotic Applications